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Brand PR


Brand PR is one of the strongest ways to secure brand awareness and build trust amongst consumers. Our purpose is to build relationships with all stakeholders and create a favorable operating climate in which it is easier to market, expand and be viable. We look into creating the necessary communication bridges that ensure a positive perception of the brand. The services provided in this area include, among others: brand /product positioning (brand PR strategies, publicity campaigns, other tools), direct marketing and POS, product launches, external communication (B2B) and measurement &   evaluation of the awareness and growth.


  • Brand /Product positioning: brand PR strategies, publicity campaigns, other tools

  • Promotional materials: brochures, presentations, catalogues, leaflets, posters, banners, OOH, newsletters, promotional items, others

  • Direct marketing and POS

  • Product launches

  • External communications (B2B)

  • Events & Tradeshows

  • Professional translations & content localization

  • Measurement and evaluation: awareness and  growth, new leads generation, etc


 Media monitoring and reporting

  • Daily  alerts/ weekly / monthly reports and articles summaries

  • Media analysis, including graphics and statistics, reach and impressions


Media database

  • Database with more than 500 central and local media channels, including key contacts and specialized editors


Additional capabilities: Media training, including case studies and interviews simulation


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