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Corporate Communications // Reputation Management


Our services include consumer, internal and industry research, complete branding and reputation management, identity design, message building and content development as well as CSR concept development and action plan. The actions developed to support the corporate brand articulation generate measurable results, in terms of media coverage, awareness level and overall campaign impact.


Corporate communication

  • Communication audit

  • Elaboration of communication strategies

  • Communication & media  trainings for spokesperson and relevant staff

  • Awards opportunities, speaking opportunities

  • Executive communication, personal branding and reputation management

  • Coordinate with  client’s corporate communication team, when relevant



  • Concept development & action plan

  • Set up partnerships to boost the impact of the program

  • Create awareness at the level of media, authorities,  business community and public at large

  • Generate media  coverage

  • Organize overall implementation with measurable results

  • Sponsorships and charity projects: professional counseling implementation and follow up on results


Internal Communication

  • Internal communication audit

  • Elaboration of the internal communication strategy

  • Message building and content development

  • Development of tools i.e. newsletter, team building events, special events


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