Issues & Crisis Management


Our vast experience in crisis and issues management provides us with the necessary skills to understand client vulnerabilities and identify potential crisis sources. In order to neutralize potential risk situations, we elaborate a comprehensive strategy which comprises: elaborating scenarios and strategic solutions, designing appropriate messages for various stakeholders, drafting speeches and press releases/official statements, providing specialized trainings to the Client. During crisis situations, we establish rapid access to media contacts (local, national, international), create / activate Media Supportive Group, provide strategic use of digital tools and ensure permanent monitoring of all key sources.


  • Monitoring and analysis

  • Understand client vulnerabilities and identify potential crisis sources

  • Elaborate scenarios and propose strategic solutions

  • Create Task force and elaboration of Crisis Management Plan

  • Coordinate with the client’s executive crisis team

  • Design appropriate messages for various stakeholders

  • Draft speeches and press releases, official statements

  • Provide specialized trainings to the Client

  • Establish rapid access to media contacts (local, national, international)

  • Create / Activate Media Supportive Group

  • Create / Use key contacts


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