[Conclusions of 2018] Catalina Rousseau: Romania's Atmosphere has forced us to maximize our strategic thinking

Little optimism at the end of 2018 from Catalina Rousseau, CEO of BDR Associates: yes, the thrilling atmosphere of the year also felt in PR, but that was a reason for innovation. We continue to gather the impressions of 2018: about the centenary, political signs in communication, stunning campaigns, star trends, market evolution. (interview in romanian)

Superbrands drive Romania forward

Business Review sat down with Catalina Rousseau, president & CEO of BDR Associates - Strategic Communication Group, to learn about Superbrands, one of the company’s flagship projects, and how the firms that gain such recognition can change Romania’s image.

Mrs. Catalina Rousseau, President and CEO of the reputed strategic agency BDR Associates, part of the Hill & Knowlton/WPP global group, speaks about her 23 years professional and business experience in Romania

BDR Associates was created back in 1995 as an independent agency acting in an emerging and promising market for business in communication, at that time. Later on in early 2000, we joined the global network Hill & Knowlton Strategies/, part of the WPP group, as we quickly realized the need to have constant access to high professional standards, and to align our work to the worldwide latest trends in strategic communications, including PR and PA.

Work Life Balance - Catalina Rousseau (BDR Associates): "Balancing professional and personal life is a condition for business success"

Forbes Romania invited Catalina Rousseau, President and CEO of BDR Associates to answer some questions about the balance between personal and professional life.

Catalina Rousseau, CEO BDR Associates: „The main responsible for creating a pleasant work environment that contributes to harmony in the employee's life is the management or the manager of the company. He sets the tone in an effort to impose an unstressed atmosphere, he is careful to observe the hours of the program, but without taking the employee into the office unnecessarily, giving hourly flexibility, where appropriate, or free days.” (interview in romanian)

The beginnings of Superbrands in Romania, the methodology by which a brand is distinguished by this status and what are the responsibilities of a Superbrand

Catalina Rousseau: „Brands, anywhere in the world, reflect the power of a market and the quality of people's lives”.

Catalina Rousseau, President & CEO of BDR Associates and Country Manager, Superbrands Romania, discusses in a HotNews interview, about the beginnings of Superbrands in Romania, the methodology by which a brand is distinguished by this status, and what are the responsibilities of a Superbrand. (interview in romanian)

Superbrands Romania: 30 companies have received the Superbrands trophies at the Superbrands Romania Gala

Superbrands Romania, represented on the local market by the strategic communication agency BDR Associates, celebrated the brands with exceptional performance in 2017, at the award ceremony gala for excellence in branding. Symbolically titled "Brands Kingdom: 100 Years and Centuries Ahead", in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Great Union, the eighth edition of the Gala awarded trophies to 30 exceptional brands designated Superbrands in Romania in 2017. (article in romanian)

Superbrands Romania rewarded the best-performing brands in 2017

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Great Union, the eighth edition of the gala was titled Brands Kingdom: 100 Years and Centuries Ahead. Superbrand status is granted on established criteria such as quality, integrity and trust. (article in romanian)

The importance of specialized monitoring in an unpredictable economic environment

Romania is well known for its political, legislative and regulatory environment instability, with a direct impact on the business environment and on the perception of foreign investors. How can companies deal with these realities? (article in romanian)

How do we manage the reputation crisis generated by criminal investigations?

What do you do if you are an entrepreneur, a specialist in a particular field or a public person, go through a reputation crisis, but have not enough legal evidence been brought against you to justify that you are guilty?

Reputational crisis: between integrity and responsibility

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and just 5 minutes to destroy it. If you think about it, you will do things differently." says Warren Buffet. (article in romanian)

Leaders in Business Superbrands

IT&C, consulting and banking are in the top 3 in the Business Superbrands category in Romania, according to research results and the vote of 30 experts in the Business Edition of the Superbrands for Romania 2017, run by BDR Associates. (article in romanian)

Happy to share our success, proud to promote brand excellence

BDR Associates was last night awarded  the Honorary Award as highest recognition for the 10 years of developing the Superbrands Programmes in Romania, valuing companies and brand reputations in our market, in a unique and unprecedented way.

The trophy was handed to our agency by the prestigious Business Review magazine at the Gala Ceremony gathering the elite of the local business community.

At such a joyful moment, we dedicate this significant acknowledgement to all companies, brands and brand guardians, to all Superbrands Honorary Council members, as well as to the exquisite professionals in the communication industry which join their efforts to shape the Superbrands of Romania and contribute to the most beautiful program dedicated to brand culture.

Thank you warmly to all! 

Ziarul Financiar Live: Catalina Rousseau video interview.

Catalina Rousseau, CEO BDR Associates: "Some entrepreneurs are very attached to their businesses. They consider they know everything and have nothing further to learn." (interview and video in Romanian)

50% increase in revenue on the Moldovan market for BDR Associates

In the first 9 months of 2016 BDR Associates, one of the largest PR and corporate affairs agencies,  saw a revenue increase of 50% on the Moldovan market, compared to 2015. In Romania, business maintained the same levels as for the previous year. (article in Romanian)

For the 10th year in a row, BDR Associates wins EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova consultancy contract.

BDR Associates won, for the 10th consecutive year, the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova's contract for consultancy and strategic communication assistance, thus reconfirming the support, through adequate communication, of the European direction and the economical transition effort of Moldova on its way to becoming an emergin market. (article in Romanian)

BDR Associates supports the development of the communication market in the Republic of Moldova

BDR Associates-Communication Group obtains, for the 10th year in a row, the consultancy and assistance in strategic communication contract for the EU Delegation in the Republic of Moldova, thus reconfirming its support, based on proper communication, for the European direction and the economic transition effort carried by the Republic of Moldova towards the status of emerging market.

BDR Associates to draft the communication strategy for Bucharest - European Cultural Capital 2021

BDR Associates will draft the communication strategy for Bucharest's candidacy for the title of European Cultural Capital 2021. The implementing of the strategy depends on Bucharest winning the title. (article in Romanian)

What 10 years of Superbrands have meant to the industry

Catalina Rousseau, Director Superbrands Romania, President & CEO, BDR Associates Communication Group talks to BR about what 10 years of Superbrands have meant to the industry.

Pioneering and Entrepreneurship

About pioneering and entrepreneurship in strategic communication, with Catalina Rousseau of BDR Associates (article in Romanian)

Superbrands Romania celebrates 10 years of continuously evaluating branding culture

Superbrands Romania celebrates a decade of existence through an anniversary edition and a new website offering an interactive digital experience – www.superbrands-romania.com. In 2005, the Superbrands Organization entered the Romanian market by selecting the strategic communication agency BDR Associates as its exclusive local partner. Superbrands is the authority internationally acknowledged as the independent evaluator offering distinctions to successful brands.

Catalina Rousseau: ‘Everything for the citizen, nothing in disdain towards him!’

On account of the latest concerns of the Romanian society, ‘Forbes Romania’ sets to find out from the Romanian business environment what kind of leaders would Romania need in order to overcome the present situation. In other words, what kind of people should be in charge of the country? Let’s look for them!

Catalina Rousseau, BDR: ‘The battle for survival, in a market still poor in terms of investments, dominated by political confrontations, has had its upside: it forced us to reinvent ourselves.’

In 20 years since its inception, BDR Associates has known all the recent periods in Romania; from the idealistic beginnings to the pragmatic approaches, from campaigns which sought to change mentalities to financial projection campaigns, from daydreaming to overwhelming responsibilities’, says Catalina Rousseau, President & CEO BDR Associates.

Alexandra Mihailescu, BDR vice-president: ‘The most profitable services are the public affairs’

For BDR, one of the biggest public relations and public affairs agencies on the local market, the most profitable services are the public affairs, research and monitoring’, declared for wall-street.ro, Alexandra Mihailescu, vice-president of the company and partner.

BDR Associates: 20 years of excellence in strategic communication in modern Romania

BDR Associates celebrates two decades of excellence in building and shaping the strategic communication market in Romania, by means of extensive projects developed for major clients in several industries, enhanced by an approach defined by integrity and professionalism, creativity and innovation.

Raluca Costache, Superbrands: When brands offer transparency, consumers reward them with engagement and support

According to Superbrands survey, Romanian people believe in the brands which offer quality, safety, authenticity, honesty, respect, integrity, intelligent challenges and inovations. These are some of the twelve attributes which define a Superbrand in Romania. Over the seven editions of the program, attributes for a Superbrand remained mostly the same - some have lost their full attention, like historical heritage,but were reokaced by other elements such as the ability of the brand to innovate, to provide experiences, interact genuine and honest with its customers. Raluca Costache, Superbrands Programme Coordinator in Romania gives us details about the attributes of a Superbrand in Romania.

[CSR in Romania] Catalina Rousseau (BDR Associates): The absence of communication, particularly when it comes to valuable projects, deprives society of responsibility models which raise trust in the business environment.

Authenticity and integrity in the leaders’ speeches. The role of the PR consultant.

How do we perceive the present day leader through his public speeches and where do we place it best, between vocation and aspiration, between eloquence and improvisation. Probably the relevant context is the political one, which exposes the public speech the most to authenticity and integrity.

Superbrands Romania announces the Top 15 leading brands in 2015, at the end of the judging and market research phase of the current edition

Superbrands Romania has concluded the judging & market research phase, out of which 300 brands in 48 products& service categories have qualified for Superbrand status in Romania.

Overall, the top 15 leading brands in the 2015 Superbrands programme include: Ariel, Pampers, Mercedes-Benz, Banca Transilvania, Gillette, Facebook, Dr. Oetker, Persil, Milka, BRD Groupe Societe Generale, BMW, H&M, Dedeman, eMAG, Coca Cola.

Pioneer of communication in Romania: Reputation management will become a prevalent concern.

‘We see daily how the image, reputation and credibility of some people crumble, people who, not a day ago were opinion leaders and business leaders, decision-takers, their public fall influencing heavily the reputation of the company or that of the institution’, explains Catalina Rousseau, President & CEO of BDR Associates Strategic Communication Romania & Republic of Moldova., in an interview for Business24.

BDR Associates: a perfect mix of excellent services and perseverance

High-quality services and professionalism, a wide portfolio of services and a deep respect for its clients are some of the many ingredients that have made BDR Associates one of the major PR and communication companies in Romania.

Catalina Rousseau: ‘The entrepreneur’s success will happen undoubtedly when he builds his business based on solid values and, of all things, moral values.’

[INSIDER - BDR Associates business in 2015] Catalina Rousseau: ‘There should be a big demand of strategic communication services regarding reputation management.’

‘In 2014 we registered an accumulated turnover of €1.2 million, a 3% raise, compared to the average of the last 3 years. We haven’t met our optimistically envisioned target, which was a 10% growth in our last years’ budgetary projections. There was still a growth, which makes us happy, considering the fact that the second half of the year became uncertain for our projects.’ says Catalina Rousseau, President & CEO BDR Associates

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