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We help clients translate their vision into tangible corporate brand in order to build or enhance their leadership position. We build on all aspects of the brand strategy to create impact and accelerate brand awareness and loyalty at both external and internal level.

We create the necessary communication bridges that ensure a positive perception of the brand. Our purpose is to build relationships with all stakeholders and create a favorable operating climate in which it is easier to market, expand and be viable.

Any message can be enhanced when transmitted in the right format and we have the technical means and talent to give power to ideas and visions. Our multimedia offer includes video & audio production, digital communication, animation, graphic design.

With a strong experience in dealing with central and local media, our strong media department and qualified professionals ensure a full package of media relations services: media strategy, events, content development, and many others.

We elaborate and implement Government Relations & Public Affairs strategies, our expertise in the field covering all key aspects of the process, from identifying key stakeholders to establishing contacts with key government decision makers and political influencers.

Creativity is one of our main differentiators. Whether we are talking about creative visual identity elements or copywriting, creativity is the key element encompassed by default in all our work.

The role of new technologies in supporting communication efforts is constantly increasing and we are prepared to build on the new digital opportunities.  Our services in the digital communication area ensure a successful presence in the online environment.

Our vast experience in crisis and issues management provides us with the necessary skills to understand client vulnerabilities and identify potential crisis sources. In order to neutralize potential risk situations, we elaborate a comprehensive strategy.

From professional large scale events to creative happenings, any event organized by our team is a guaranteed success. We design a personalized creative concept and develop a detailed action plan to ensure smooth implementation and successful outcomes.

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